How To Use This Site


Image: from comics workshop at Institute of Polish Culture.

How to use this web site

This site shares views on Cultural Animation – what it is, what it might be, how it is developed through the different kinds of creative projects undertaken by our partners in their locality. It acts a space to exchange these experiences and thoughts.

Apart from documenting the activities of the project, the site aims to provide a map of process, revealing the ideas of participants and partners as they unfold, a space in which to share ideas and practice.

We will primarily use English as a common language tool.

There are three levels of participation.

As a casual browser…
A visitor to the site you may view the postings and leave short comments, filling in the response form you will find on various pages. Please note that comments are moderated, of course. You will be asked to register your email, but your email is not shown on the site.

As a member…
You can choose to log on and become a site member. (The “Join In/Log In” button is on the top menu bar). Fill in a brief member profile – name, country, etcetera, giving a brief information about yourself. You will be asked to register your email, but your email is not shown on the site.

As a member, you are able to post comments immediately in response to topics, adding to the dialogue and discussion. Members do not go through a moderation process, as you trust you to post relevant content.

But please stick to the subject. Though we should not underestimate the influence of popular culture, this is not a site for a debate on whether The Sex Pistols were better than Czerwone Gitary, or how worried you are about Britney Spears. There are plenty of other forums for that kind of thing. If you abuse the site, your access is simply revoked.

You will be able to send private messages to other members through the site – without revealing your own email – should you wish to find out more information about specific projects. As the site develops there will be more member benefits.

As authors…
The authors are members of the partner groups in the Animator project. Authors can post articles, topics, essays, resources, images. You can check the member profiles to see which person is posting at any particular time.

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