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 This book is the record of what was successful and what failed in the course of the Animator project. It is a guidebook for all those, who now would like to undertake culture animation activities by themselves.

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5 Zloty Project at Bazar Rozyckiego

As part of the "5 Zloty Projects" action at Bazar Rozyckiego, Dan Roberts and Pamela Wells co-operated with Katedra Kultury and students from the Institute of Polish Culture to meet people waiting at the bus stop, asking "Where are you going?" and "Where would you like to be going?" Responses were written on small pieces of paper that were hung onto a washing line. These were then moved over people’s head via a pulley that went from the bus stop into the market enclosure. In exchange, participants received a badge and alternative abstract ‘directions’ for their journey.


A very discreet attempt at revitalizing green in front of IKP

The idea of a project revitalizing a small green in front of the Institute of Polish Culture was born during photo workshops run by Juliusz Sokołowski for students of cultural animation specialization. The aim of the project was to draw attention to the place that was being taken for granted and not perceived as a social space. As a result students of the photo workshop with help of  "Katedra Kultury" Association, Grupa Okołofotograficzna,  IKP and university officials created a place encouraging conversations, relax, calm, studying and above all integration of all people involved with the Institute: students, teachers, employees. An important part of the event was also a photo exhibition concerning personal ways of experiencing the flow of time.

The event brought about lasting effects – the red bar stools and umbrellas set around the Institute keep on drawing everyone’s attention. The green space lives its own life now.

 Photos by: Agnieszka Pajączkowska, Grażyna Teodorowicz, Jerzy Parfianowicz, Kamil Szuba, Tomasz Kaczor.


Stacja Gozdowo – reprise

Our last visit to Gozdowo on which we could distribute publications that had been the products of Animator project brought one amazing surprise. It seems that our last year actions managed to bring enough attention to the half-ruined but not yet forgotten Gozdowo train station! There are quite a few trains going to Sierpc and to Kutno so the next time we set off to visit this wonderful place it will certainly be by train!

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PoWiśle i po Pradze


Dzień pełen wrażeń, działań, opowieści, cudów i wędrówek po Powiślu i Pradze. Oba brzegi Wisły połączone nie tylko liniami autobusów 174 i 162, ale także akcjami animatorów kultury z Warszawy, Litwy, Czech i Wielkiej Brytanii wspólnie prezentujących swoje pomysły na akcje w przestrzeni miejskiej.



Day full of events, activities, stories, wonders and wandering around Powisle and Praga. Both banks of Vistula linked not only with bus lines 174 and 162, but also with actions of cultural animators from Warsaw, Lithuania, Czech Republic and England, presenting their ideas of animating urban spaces.

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David Sypniewski Ania Bas Alicja Rogalska Sylwia Chutnik Ilona Iłowiecka-Tańska Aneta Adamska Magda Kubecka

Sobota, 26 kwietnia
Bambini di Praga
ul. Jagiellońska 26

Wyjątkowa okazja, aby dowiedzieć się więcej o tym, jak zrealizować własny projekt, o czym pamiętać i czego unikać, od czego zacząć i na czym nie kończyć.

Jeśli chcesz porozmawiać z doświadczonym animatorem kultury, wyślij wiadomość z wybranym nazwiskiem na adres: (do 21.04). Szczegóły i godzina spotkania oraz tematy do rozmowy zostaną ustalone indywidualnie.

Spotkania odbędą się w godz. 13:00-15:00 w księgarni Bambini di Praga.
Jedna rozmowa może trwać maks. 30 minut.

Profile animatorów: (lub kliknij na odpowiedni fragment obrazka)

1-2-1 with cultural animators: sign up for a conversation with a young cultural animator, graduate of Institute of Polish Culture. Saturday, April 28th, Bambini di Praga, ul. Jagiellońska 26.

More information: (in Polish)

Gozdowo project – evaluation

Gozdowo project has provoked a lot of discussions and arguments. How to work with local community? What tools are appriopriate for cultural work with adults? What could we expect from "tutors" – experienced practitioners – participating in the project? What kind of support should we receive from them? How to use Gozdowo project as model activity? What is its connection to education in culture animation? How curriculum in culture animation should be built? All these and many other questions were asked during evaluation discussion that took place in December 2007 with participation of students and graduates of culture animation who worked at Gozdowo.

Discussion in Polish