About Linara

Linara works at the Art Institute of Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas.

Presentation of book “The Wonders of Kaunas: a field guide”


The Art Institute (VMU) invites you to one more finissage of the ANIMATOR project – presentation of the book ‘The Wonders of Kaunas: a field guide’ for Kaunas residents and guests. Come to the gallery ‘Meno parkas’ in the old town at 6 pm on Wednesday 7 May, get your copy of the book, take a glass of traditional punch, chat with co-authors of the book, learn more about cultural animation, meet your neighbors and friends. And don’t forget to bring your own wonder of Kaunas with yourself!

Kauno stebuklai in progress

Aided and assisted by artists from Laundry, on Monday thirty participants from the Art Institute and the Institute of Political Science and Diplomacy at Vytautas Magnus University – along with students from the Institute of Polish Culture at Warsaw University –  set off in search of the Wonders of Kaunas. Come along and see their work in progress on Friday December 7th at 6pm!

Atidarymas gruodžio 7 d., penktadienį, 18 val.
VDU klubas „Sesija“, S. Daukanto g. 27, Kaunas


With 37 nominations on line and more than 100 collected from postcards we look forward to the results, which will form part of a publication the Art Institute will be presenting in 2008.

Wonders workshops in Kaunas

Roll up, roll up, for more wonderful workshops…

Workshop ‘Wonders of Kaunas’ – 3 – 7 December 2007

Place: ‘Sesija’, a club of Vytautas Magnus University, S. Daukanto str. 27, Ground Floor. Participants: Artists’ group ‘Laundry’ (UK, www.laundryline.co.uk), students of the Art Institute and the Institute of Political Science and Diplomacy at Vytautas Magnus University, and students from the Institute of Polish Culture at Warsaw University. Here is the schedule…

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7 Kauno stebuklai

Ar turi savo stebuklą Kaune? Kažką, kas yra stebuklinga, savita ir unikalu šiame mieste? Vietą, daiktą, žmogų ar įvykį?

Gruodžio mėnesį menininkų grupė „Laundry“ iš Didžiosios Britanijos ir Vytauto Didžiojo universiteto Menų instituto studentai ieškos 7 (arba 77) Kauno stebuklų. Kartu su jumis jie sukurs alternatyvų Kauno miesto gidą.

Kviečiame nominuoti savąjį Kauno stebuklą ir trumpai papasakoti, kuo jis jums ypatingas. Visos nominacijos bus paskelbtos internete. Jūsų el. pašto adresas nebus skelbiamas.  

Can you find the Wonders of Kaunas? What, where or who within this city do you find wonderful, special and unique?

In December, artists from Laundry will be working with students from The Art Institute at Vytautas Magnus University in search of the 7 (or 77) Wonders of Kaunas; together they will create an alternative guide to the city, through the eyes of our project participants.

We invite you to nominate your Wonder of Kaunas and tell us why it is memorable to you.


Wonders of Kaunas

October 4, 2007
In October, Brendan Jackson from Laundry, visited the Art Institute of Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, Lithuania, to present proposals for The Wonders of Kaunas project. With the help of Linara Dovydaityte and Edgaras Klivis, Brendan made a presentation as part of two meetings at the Institute. The first meeting, concerning mostly academic staff, outlined four new courses at the Institute and the course about Cultural Animation among them. Brendan showed examples of cultural animation work that has been undertaken in Warsaw and in the West Midlands of England. The second meeting, with a group of students, concentrated on the Wonders project as a model of practice, sharing ideas on how to deliver the workshop which is planned in early December. Workshop participants will be working in teams with five members of Laundry, making an exploration of Kaunas, creatively engaging with local people to explore their concept of the city. This is an extension of the Wonders project being undertaken in Warsaw.