The conference on CULTURAL ANIMATION was held in Prague, ALFREDVEDVORE Theatre the 25th of February from 10 till 17.

Partners of the ANIMATOR project took part and presented their part of ANIMATOR project as well as presentions on different models of cultural animation – its study and practice – in their country.

The conference was close down by open discussion about cultural animation and art and cultural management. The recording of the debate in mp3 format will be made available here soon.

D.I.Y. – Do it Yourself (Translated to English)

This discussion took place on the forum

On 3rd February 2008 (in Polish)

Thanks very much to Patka, Gosia & Lukas. This is a pretty rough translation. Please forgive us if we made mistakes. We figured the most important thing was to get the basic ideas out there.

 So you can download a PDF of the discussion diy-forum-discussion-english.pdf

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At the press conference devoted to a Small Inventory Festival (February 20 – 24, Prague, Czech Republic) was presented, as a part of OFF -programme of the festival, a publication prepared within the frame of ANIMATOR project and called CZ/PL Theatres after the Reconstruction. This book will be available during the festival and it prezents reconstructed theatre buildings – a new regional cultural centres in Poland and Czech Republic where also an alternative or so called new theatre is shown. The book is published in cooperation of Institute of Polish Culture at Warsaw University, Spolek Richelieu and New Web Association which is a main organizator of the Small Inventory festival.

A conference CULTURAL ANIMATION, organized by Spolek Richelieu,  is a next  part of the OFF-programme of the festival. It will take place the 25th of February from 10 till 18 p.m in ALFREDVEDVORE theatre. Partner´s organization of the ANIMATOR project will prezent their part of the project realization as well as situation of cultural animation and its studies in each country. There will be open debate at the end of the conference. Students, pedagogues and practitioners-cultural organizators were invited. The conference co-organizes New Web Association and Motus Association-production of ALFREDVEDVORE theatre.