D.I.Y. – Do it Yourself (Zrób to sam)

Jeśli chcesz spełnić swoje marzenia, a do tego podzielić się nimi z innymii…
–    bez ogromnych sum piedniędzy
–    bez sponsorów
–    bez wypełniania stert papierów
–    bez oficjalnego wsparcia żadnych (jaki wkolwiek) instytucji…

Dołącz do dyskusji na temat „D.I.Y. – Do it Yourself (Zrób to sam)"

KIEDY: 3 Luty 2008 (niedziela),
           Godz. 14-16
GDZIE: www.culturalanimation.com /discuss

If you want to make your dreams come true
And to share them with others…
–    without great amounts of money
–    without sponsorship
–    without filling in stacks of paper
–    without official support of institutions

then please, join the discussion on the topic
„D.I.Y. – Do It Yourself (Zrób to sam)"

WHEN: 3 February, 2008 (Sunday),
from 14.oo-16.oo if you are in POLAND
or 15.oo-17.oo if you are in places like Lithuania
or 13.oo-15.oo if you are in ENGLAND

WHERE: www.culturalanimation.com /discuss

This discussion will be in Polish and it will be translated into English very very soon afterwards.

Cultural Diversity vs Cultural Animation

In this presentation and workshop run for IKP students, Beverley Harvey from Laundry shared some of her experiences of working with culturally diverse communities.bev1.jpg

Beverley Harvey is based in Smethwick in the West Midlands of England. She is of Jamaican heritage and comes from a community development background. Her role models are Angela Davis and Cleopatra Jones. She is currently working on a film project with young people in Tipton tackling issues of gangs, intercultural violence and gun culture. She is also developing a project with the Borderland Foundation for the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue.


Animators and their tools – Do we need more than words?

on the topic "Animators and their tools – Do we need more than words?"

With invited speakers:
Gosia Litwinowicz in Poland,
Michala Pohorela in Czech Republic,
Mats Rehnman in Sweden
and Geoff Broadway in England

17:00-19:00 if you’re in England
19:00-21:00 if you’re in Lithuania
18:00-20:00 if you’re in Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, etc.

Please join us at Refresh – the Cultural Animation Discussion Forum


The second part of the serie of public discussion will be held the 24st of January in Alfred ve dvoře Theatre in Prague. This debate is specialized on the regional cultural NGO´s and their practice.

At the first debate we tried to define who is animator of culture and manager of culture in Czech republic as we still do not have the official definition of this conceptions. Than we tried to ask how should be these people educated and if we do have adequate education for this disciplines/activities.

Now we would like to invite people who we could be called „cultural animators“ in regions of Czech republic and we would like to discuss with them how looks real practice and how should be students prepare for this reality and if the education offers what the practice asks. We would like to ask them how they were educated as we do not have any cultural animation studies in Czech republic and how they would like to be educated for the practice they are use to.

We are documenting this discussion and we are going to rewrite it for our planning publication.

By the first debate called CULTURAL MANAGEMENT CULTURAL ANIMATION AS STUDY DISCIPLINE? we opened very interesting and very little explored area and we found out that it would be very good study material the publication with the rewrites of the debates and reports from people interested in the subject. We start to cooperate with Department of production at Theatre Academy Prague because they consider our project as very important and interesting for their students and pedagogues too. At the first debate, there were about 60 people coming. There was students of Theatre Academy in Prague, Brno and Bratislava, pedagogues of these schools, students and pedagogues of Academy of fine art in Prague who are opening the course of Cultural management, students of the Faculty of Art at Charles Univerzity in Prague , pedagogues of Salezian University in Opava who would like to open department of Cultural animation.

We cooperate also with Nová síť/new web project (www.novasit.cz) and Alfred ve dvoře theatre (www.alfredvedvore.cz).

The last part of this debate will be a conference entitled CULTURE ANIMATION…? which will take place on the 25th of February in Alfred ve dvoře Theatre from 10 till 18. The conference will be held with the participation of experienced practitioners from czech regions, students and pedagogues of the Theatre Academy in Prague and the Faculty of Art of Charles Univerzity Prague and international partners of the ANIMATOR PROJECT. We would like to compare the concepts of cultural animation in different environments. 

AUTORSKÁ TVORBA NA BLÍZKO. Festival and open seminaries.

Between 15th  and 18th of January the festival and seminary of Spolek Richelieu and KATaP (Department of Authorial Creativity and Pedagogy at Theatre Academy) will be held.

The aim of the festival is prezentation of the authorial creativity of students and pedagogues of KATaP and following public discussion about the studies and practice. After the festival follows two public seminaries – open discussions, on Friday the 18th of January. First one about pedagogical experiences students´ of KATaP outside of Academy, at schools, at open public seminaries lead by students and graduates of the Department in cultural spaces across the regions of Czech republic . It is about and for graduates in practice, about their experiences. We are going to ask how the graduates use their knowledges from studies and how they could bring their practice experiences back to studies, what are the differences between study and practice. The second debate will be one about the festival, about studying, teaching and working with so called Authorial creativity, about it´s practice. The festival as well as both discussions are open for public as we would like to open wider debate.

Gozdowo project – evaluation

Gozdowo project has provoked a lot of discussions and arguments. How to work with local community? What tools are appriopriate for cultural work with adults? What could we expect from "tutors" – experienced practitioners – participating in the project? What kind of support should we receive from them? How to use Gozdowo project as model activity? What is its connection to education in culture animation? How curriculum in culture animation should be built? All these and many other questions were asked during evaluation discussion that took place in December 2007 with participation of students and graduates of culture animation who worked at Gozdowo.

Discussion in Polish