Filters and flirts…. (Ochota Breakfast – 25th November)

After exciting workshop, Breakfest promised to be even better. Extensive plans of our groups from making a huge instalation of tree to realizing all inventions devised during workshop gave us a strong hope that it would be Another Great Success.

Indeed, it was.

Tree became ‘planted’ and during whole event number of leaves-wonders was increasing, added by everybody who felt ‘rooted in Ochota’.

There was also an exhibition, still growing, of inventions for Ochota. Ideas of improving the district, frutis of vivid imagination of our interlocutors, precisely described waited for generous investorsJ

Maybe we will se soon great sandbox on Narutowicz’s square or monument of aviatress!

We were taken on the trip to underground world of Filtry, and also heard a GREAT STORY of INVENTIONS told by Gosia Litwinowicz, an expert of XIXth century ingenuity.

And the real hit were stickers with slogans and logos designed by prticipants of workshop  – students of Słowacki’s High School. All breakfasting people with sticker on their chests became an alive publicity of Ochota.

Three houres of flirting and filtering with this beautiful part of Warsaw!!!

Wonders workshops in Kaunas

Roll up, roll up, for more wonderful workshops…

Workshop ‘Wonders of Kaunas’ – 3 – 7 December 2007

Place: ‘Sesija’, a club of Vytautas Magnus University, S. Daukanto str. 27, Ground Floor. Participants: Artists’ group ‘Laundry’ (UK,, students of the Art Institute and the Institute of Political Science and Diplomacy at Vytautas Magnus University, and students from the Institute of Polish Culture at Warsaw University. Here is the schedule…

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Ochotnicy ze Słowackiego/ Ochota-people from Słowacki (lost in translation)

What could be interesting or specific in a place which is between, everywhere and anywhere?

Before workshop we had some problem with pointing sharp wonders of Ochota. Only few trails: inventions, aviation and planes, sport…

Ok, as a start point it is enough.

Then, appeared more: for me – Żwirki and Wigury students hostels when my parents meet the first time and when many parties of my friends took places.

For Dorota – more aerial and aeroplane plots which created a vision of ‘winged Ochota’.

For Jarek – Skra Stadium and memories of the time of its magnificencey.

For Asia – mysterious Filtry and many, many more as she lives there….

But it was our meeting with students from Słowacki High School what in fact opened the  wonders horn of planty. They mental maps of Ochota turned out so full and crowded as the main street next to school this early morning when we tried to get there before workshop.

Abundance of meanings, images, memories, actions, details started to flow and created multilevel map.

Pizza on Barska street, men with ”too large bottom”, the special bank in a park, black cat, flowers in Narutowicz square, kiosks, first fags in playgrounds and many many others.

And then – a list of slogans which shown that, in fact it is one of the most interestinf part of the city and also one of the most contrastive.

‘Czy słońce czy słota, najlepsza Ochota’

‘Mam ochotę na Ochotę’

‘Ochota. Lubię’

‘Mogę tu zamieszkać na Ochotnika’ and many many others, impossible to translate…

But in fact many more happened during our filed workshop. I was amazed that it is possible to involve anybody in anything at 8 a.m next to ‘monument of aviator’ square.

My group was extremely determined – they put the small table next to the bus stop and then were stopping people and ask them to imagine invantions for Ochota and to vote for the best slogan. And… it worked!

After an hour we had an impressive output: more then 50 votes and 27 ideas of invention – just to mentien few:

Monument of Aviatress (or aviator-women;))

Great sandbox in Narutowicz Square for adults and kids

Flower-machine in the same square

Music Bicycle Paths with rainbows above it…

DiscoPolo Club and many many others….. And also some slogan choosed. Then we used them to design logos and stickers which turned out small pieces of art… And would become the hit of Warsaw Breakfest… But about it… later…


Spolek Richelieu visit the Laundry

Spokek Richelieu made a short visit to the West Midlands of England to view theatre activities and cultural animation projects. They visited with Stan’s Cafe and Black Country Touring. They also shared ideas of work of members of the association. View one example of the types of projects that members of Spolek Richelieu undertake…

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Wonders of…

The Wonders project in Warsaw
Where are the Wonders of Warsaw? What, where or who within the city do you find memorable, special and unique? We are working on a publication to document this project, so please continue to propose your personal Wonder of Warsaw. We’ll post them all, and in Polish and English. Visit the specific page and Nominate your Wonder now!

The Wonders project in Kaunas
Students of the The Art Institute at Vytauta Magnus Univeristy in Lithuania searched for the Wonders of Kaunas in November and December. Visit the Kaunas page and nominate your Wonder.

The Highs & Lows of Collaboration

Please join us at Refresh – the Cultural Animation Discussion Forum

for a Live Online Discussion Event on the topic:
"The highs and lows of collaboration"

on Tuesday 13th November  

17:00-18:30 in England
so that’d be 18:00-19:30 in Czech Republic or Poland
and 19:00-20:30 if you’re in Lithuania

with Tony Gee and other members of Moveable Feast Company.

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