7 Kauno stebuklai

Ar turi savo stebuklą Kaune? Kažką, kas yra stebuklinga, savita ir unikalu šiame mieste? Vietą, daiktą, žmogų ar įvykį?

Gruodžio mėnesį menininkų grupė „Laundry“ iš Didžiosios Britanijos ir Vytauto Didžiojo universiteto Menų instituto studentai ieškos 7 (arba 77) Kauno stebuklų. Kartu su jumis jie sukurs alternatyvų Kauno miesto gidą.

Kviečiame nominuoti savąjį Kauno stebuklą ir trumpai papasakoti, kuo jis jums ypatingas. Visos nominacijos bus paskelbtos internete. Jūsų el. pašto adresas nebus skelbiamas.  

Can you find the Wonders of Kaunas? What, where or who within this city do you find wonderful, special and unique?

In December, artists from Laundry will be working with students from The Art Institute at Vytautas Magnus University in search of the 7 (or 77) Wonders of Kaunas; together they will create an alternative guide to the city, through the eyes of our project participants.

We invite you to nominate your Wonder of Kaunas and tell us why it is memorable to you.


Everything you have ever wanted to ask but was afraid of….

Dear cultural animators, friends and participants of cultural animation specialization!

As we work on publication about doing cultural animation; publication which would be a kind of guide for animators and artists doing their first, own projects, we ask You:

ASK A QUESTION you have ever wanted to ask!

ASK about what You have ever wanted to know!

How to work in practice?

How we can realize activities?

What to do in crisis situations? ….

This book could be an answer, full of inspiring examples and space of sharing experiences!

So – if you have concrete questions send it via internet.


We are waiting!

Cultural Animation Team and “Katedra Kultury” Association


Planet Praga Wonders

planetinsert.jpgImage: from presentation and performance from Planet Congress workshop led by Darek Śmiechowski, outside the Basilica on ul. Kawęczyńska.

At a presentation about the Wonders of Warsaw project at Tarabuk Cafe in April, we met with the organisers of The 11th Planet Congress. This is a group of young student architects and urban planners –  concerned with encouraging and nurturing social participation in the redevelopment and regeneration of public spaces. How might we collaborate?

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The first open public seminaries lead by students of Departament for Authorial Creativity and Pedagogy at Theatre Academy Prague (KATaP) took place the 21st of October in Liberec, within the frame of the Festival for new theatre BIG INVENTORY.

There were three parts of the workshop devoted to three basic disciplines at KATaP: Acting with the inner partners, Authorial reading and so called Recitation.


what next in gozdowo?

Last weekend we were in Gozdowo. In four-people strong team. What for?

Because it is time to continue our ANIMATOR project, time to think what we can do next, what is needed to be done there.

As an effect of our previous talks we decided to concentrate this time on working with the group of elder teenagers – participants of our June workshop and also people from last year project called Guide My Future (June-July 2006).

It seems to be obvious that the most important point is to encourage them to their own activity, to help them in creating something in their own. To show them that they can do exciting and marvelous things.

So, we met with them, and some new people also, on Saturday in our “office space” in the Gozdowo center. Three hours of “brain storm”, inspiring one each other, asking and answering questions. Then – the time of proposals and concrete ideas. And the catchword turned out: the journalist club.

Writing texts, taking photos, film and internet workshop, meetings with interesting peoples, trips to editorial offices… Then film projections for members and their friends, open presentations, exhibitions, events in school… Realising projects concentrated around concrete cases and subjects.

We encouraged our team to write application for the programme MAKE A CONNECTION – it could be their first dotation and first real and serious chance to realize their own project. We were working hard to answer all questions, to find solutions, and to precise ideas. It was important moment for them to see how difficult but how fascinating in fact it is. The text was written down, they had to discuss some pivotal problems and it helped to constitute the essence.

Finally, we didn’t manage to apply… Why? Many reasons – too short time, a little bit too young group, the lack of adult-supporter… But – it isn’t the end. Those meetings were great, and I believe gave them a lot of new counsciousness, infomation and skills. And showed us that there is a lot of energy in them.

And there are a lot of possibilities. So – we have to think what to do, how to help them, how to continue…


we would like to invite you to a small conference entitled CULTURE ANIMATION…?

Dear project partners, dear Culture Animators,

On behalf of Spolek Richelieu, Association of Students, Graduates and Friends of the Theatre Academy Prague we would like to invite you to a small conference entitled CULTURE ANIMATION…? which will take place

on the 25th of february 2008 in Alfred ve dvoře Theatre from 10 till 18

with the participation of experienced practitioners, students and pedagogues of the Theatre Academy in Prague and the Faculty of Art of Charles University, international partners of the ANIMATOR project and other people interested

and as the last event of a three-part open public discussion entitled

AUTOR-MOTOR-ANIMATOR on the theme of the theatre production and cultural management, its studies and practice and successful work experience of the graduates and cultural animation in regions of the Czech Republic but also in a European context.

The first public debate will take place on 6th of November at Theatre Academy Prague and is called CULTURAL MANAGEMENT AS STUDY DISCIPLINE? The second one is planned on 24th of January 2008 in Alfred ve dvoře Theatre and is specialized on the regional cultural NGO´s. We would like to discuss what should the cultural manager have to know, how and where should he study? Are the studying plans answer to actual needs?  Which skills are required on cultural animators? And at least but not last, what the culture animation is or what it could be?

We will really appreciate if you will be interested and inspired by these questions and will prepare a short paper refers to this questions and refer it at our february´s conference.

A working session of the partners of the ANIMATOR project will be held on 26 February 2007. We would like to ask you to book your time and take part in the session.

On 18–24 February the Small Inventory festival will be held in Prague as a festival to present the new theatre and stage projects created in the last year. You are cordially invited to attend the festival. For more information, see www.malainventura.cz

Please confirm your participation or ask for more info at +420 603 18 16 12 or at simatko@centrum.cz


Warsaw Breakfast – Praga workshops

The next Warsaw Breakfast is approaching – this time we are going to visit old Praga and look for her mystieries in artisan workshops, ateliers, on trams and in streets. The breakfast is being prepared in cooperation with pupils of Wielokulturowe Humanistyczne Liceum im. Jacka Kuronia.

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