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I’m posting an essay as a resource for you to download. (It’s only about 12000 words.) The essay – Reflections on creative practice – Artists working in the context of community consultation – formed one part of a substantial report (‘Do You Know What You’re Asking?’) produced at the beginning of this year for Nirex as part of an ongoing discussion about stakeholder involvement in decision-making.

For your info, Nirex was a national UK agency responsible for the disposal of intermediate and low level radioactive waste. In April 2007, Nirex was incorporated into the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA). The report itself was intended for a broad audience in the UK, including elected members/politicians, civil servants, board members and senior staff of key agencies concerned with these issues. Nirex were interested in examining creative means for getting people involved in consultation processes, particularly those who are traditionally hard to reach and those who would not attend public meetings. This essay describes a number of arts projects undertaken throughout the 1990’s, by community artists in the UK, which addressed these issues of consultation. Hope you find it useful. Here it is… (click on it to download the PDF.)


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