Gozdowo CCTV

Beware, you are under control 😉

To all coming to Gozdowo – stay temperd – no shrimping in public places, no nudity, no sex and violence, no politics, open fires and all the qool things that define cultural animation!

There are cameras watching

We have returned form test trip to Gozdowo and here is some info on what’s going on:

-our accommodation will be great

-we will overdose food(great becon)

-there is huge intrest in our stay on behalf of whole community

-probably we will have additional room in the middle of Gozdowo "downtown" to arrange some sort of office or so.

– we have learned that if you are plannig to do anything with school be very formal and check everything twice before you feel secure

-there are many outdoor facilities suitable for some action

-there is a plan for 23rd of June to make Midsummer’s Eve during night- any ideas???

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