Wonder celebrated

Yesterday (27th June, 18.00-22.00) we celebrated one of wonders of Warsaw – Stadion X-lecia. Worth celebrating not only because existing in Warsaw for more than half a century – as a stadium and then as a market – but also because these are the last days of  Stadion as we know it (it will be closed by the end of June and replaced by National Stadion for Euro 2012).  Music has been played (Gadajaca Tykwa and Nic Wielkiego), stories told (Armenian and Vietnamese), food eaten (Armenian lavash, Georgian basturma, Vietnamese corriander), ghosts of Stadion recalled (Szurkowski and his mysterious disappearance in tunel – during Wyscig Pokoju, Stanisław Królak and his bicycle, legendary bare-foot Leonidas, Kazimierz Deyna, Paweł Janas and the last fatal goal in 1983 and many others) and finally – real football played by real people. Four hours spent with people of Warsaw (app.120) inside Stadion like inside spaceship, wind and changing weather, sunset and moonshine, this is what is experienced. For those unlucky ones who has not participated: it will never happen again and life of this city has changed; so – by totally unserious activities like singing, playing football and eating – we left our trace in history. And legend born yesterday is – at least – like from here to Gdansk.


Presentation of cultural animation at Vytautas Magnus University Art Institute

On the 10th of May Iwona Kurz and Małgorzata Litwinowicz from Instytut Kultury Polskiej (WU) gave a public lecture on cultural animation at Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) Art Institute. Students and lecturers of the Art Institute were invited to participate in the meeting and to find out more about the cultural animation. Guests from Warsaw gave a comprehensive lecture on the teaching of cultural animation, which was presented as a synthesis of academic education, workshops, probation and implementation of actual project. The guiding principles of the work of cultural animator and its aims were discussed during the meeting as well. We’d like to share at least the part of the knowledge we gained by attaching the slide show, which was shown during the lecture.

Cultural animation: education, work, aims 

creative consultations…

I’m posting an essay as a resource for you to download. (It’s only about 12000 words.) The essay – Reflections on creative practice – Artists working in the context of community consultation – formed one part of a substantial report (‘Do You Know What You’re Asking?’) produced at the beginning of this year for Nirex as part of an ongoing discussion about stakeholder involvement in decision-making.

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