The important thing


Our whole trip was based on meeting people who work in different theatre groups not controlled by the state and on examining contemporary Lithuanian theatre. The amateur theatre movement in Lithuania is very much alive, and very varied. There is a strong difference between groups working in cities and those situated in villages.

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After Breakfast

After  "Warsaw Breakfast" – "Saska Kępa – small big city", 20th May

 What happened

– people came (about 80) – different age, different generations; and they told their stories – it was definitely this kind of event when people talk more than so called storytellers;

– excellent food (but because of Pawel’s perfection it was easy to predict) with good stories

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Warsaw Breakfast: “Saska Kępa – small big city”

The first Warsaw Breakfast „Saska Kępa – small big city” will take place on May 20th (Sunday), 12.00, at Instytut Teatralny (Al.Ujazdowskie 6)

Menu: Tastes dry and sweet, Turkish and Hungarian, all from Saska Kepa, stories, talks, music and food.

Special guests: Hanna Faryna Paszkiewicz, historian of architecture, person from Saska Kepa

Students from B. Prus High School – and new wonders of Saska Kepa discovered by them

Music: Kasia Szurman/Czarne Motyle

Stories: Gosia Litwinowicz&Jarek Kaczmarek, Grupa Studnia O.


wonder-ful first workshop:)


last friday we had our first seven-wonders workshop. It took place in school on Saska Kepa.

I must say that I’m still under impression – firstly because about 40 people came to take part, then – because they were all really involved in all activities, finally – it turned out that i had no idea about what was truly interesting on Saska Kepa where I live, actually…

We were drawing our personal pieces of maps (I hope you all will see it soon on out website)and telling stories about it. To be honest, i have to add that I couldn’t stop laughing during this stories (and there was a moment i almost started to cry with laughter).

so some results:

the most magic place – parking behind Albert-supermarket:) – the place of relaction and refreshment (almost like pain and pleasure in Gozdowo;)

the best point of morning-truants – Rue de Paris with chocolate croissants and  pancakes 3 cheeses

the best shopping- point – petrol station next to Rondo Waszyngtona – place of before-party-supply:)

and many, many new wonders:)

there was also time to have some sport (Jarek) and some biology – rehearsal, specially if someone was interested in ornithology (Gosia) and some sensory adventures on Francuska str.(me) and also some great sweets and memories (Marzena)

so, we are in the middle of exciting whirl of looking for and discovering truly and maybe not the most obvious wonders of this beautiful part of Warsaw…

the next episode coming soon – we are going to spend some time in many different and favourite points of Kepa and do smth interesting there. what? we will see… and then write.