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This post is a little bit delayed, but as we, Poles say: better late then never;) so…

It was the beautiful day, January 15th anno domini 2007, when our great team (consisting of: Gosia, Dorota R, Jacek, Dorota P, Piotrek (the driver), Magda & Marta) sets forth to magic place called Gozdowo. At the beggining of our trip it turned out that Piotr’s car was broken and as a result we had a great and the one and only possibilty to use the different and a little bit hipi-looking vehicle with french registration (don’t ask why?)

So, provided with good feelings, sandwiches (too less as it turned out later), sun-glasses (it was sunny, more like in april then in january), light clothes (it seemed to be really sunny at the beggining), one polish flag found in the car and the strong decision to have a good and fruitful time in Gozdowo, we started our trip:)

In fact, to meet an adventure we didn’t have to wait too much. More or less in ¾ of our road the car started to produce strange sounds and then stopped. Piotr did smth with an engine, gave him some oil, or smth similar (now, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t oil). After once more compusory stop on petrol station, where a nice guy forced once again our engine to work a little bit more, we finally reached our aim.

In the moment we came to school in Gozdowo (the central point of our project activity and, as I suppose, something like the headquarters) we found ourselves in the middle of the feast. As it turned out, we had a great luck – it was a day of concerts and celebrations organized on the occasion of Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy (in short: some charity feast, the most famous in Poland). So a little bit of fuss.

But, almost in the first moment we met some of our young friends from last-year project Guide my Future, which took place in Gozdowo (I hope You will be able to read smth more about it on our website soon). After exchange of hugs, kisses, “how-are-you?” questions etc. we learnt that all of these guys were involved this day in some nice actions like english-karaoke or theMostStupidSongCompetition!


So – they are visible in this school! and interested in our new project very much (included the wish of help us and start any activity). Perfectly!

After this first, informal part, there was a meeting with headmaster and teachers. Very nice atmosphere and it seemed that both sides had a real hope to do something great.

We were talking about our experience with Guide my Future and about our ideas. Teachers told about place-possibilities, a litlle bit about needs and specific of gmina. Then Gosia presented a general idea of whole ANIMATOR, ę told about their general propositions and also experience. Maybe without very precicion estabishments and conclusions but with something like brain-storm or ideas-exchange this meeting was really good start-point of our project!


Then we had a quick look of Gozdowo: for some of us it wasn’t first time of course, but in fact we noticed some new and interesting places: island! Library! Something like club-room next to school! Empty market place! Old and also empty railway-station building!

The next step was visit in the place where we perhaps would live in June – House of Wiktorscy. They welcomed us with sausage and sausage and more great sausage….. In fact it was really tasty and great but: IMPORTANT for vegetarians involved in project – Mr. Wiktorski is a butcher so You have to change your mind (about meat or about project;)) or take a lot of soya-food.

Then went to see a litlle bit neighbourhood – with lakes (possibility to use beach-area!) and old, empty mill (quite far but really magic- like in fairy tail:)

And…..we decided to go back Warsaw…. we decided but it is another thing to think and another to do…. so, after about 20 kilometers, after trying to puch it and talk to it….. our car irrevocablly died….

So… two hours later, when we were still stucked in the middle of empty, cold and dark field, without front and back lights and without assistance ( maybe with the french one;))… it happened a mirracle! The help came and get our car somewhere and us to Warsaw by beautiful, warm and new car:)

So… the next episode with Gozdow/car adventure will be soon, because it wasn’t the end:)))

But, to be serious – after this January trip:

  • good relations with school:) (i think so at least)

  • some idease of places possibilly useful

  • two options of accomodation (also school in Ostrowy) – rather, if possible soltys-house

  • some idea of our project left for teachers, headmaster and some people there

  • certainty that Guide My Future is still remembered:)

  • certainty that Gozdowo was a good choice for ANIMATOR residency in June/July:)

  • certainty that we will need a good transport



In the last week of February (20 – 25 / 2 / 2007), five Prague theatres hosted the fifth annual Small Inventory festival. Under the motto “The cream of this year’s theatre crop” , the festival presented the most interesting authorial physical, dance, visual, interactive, non verbal and cross–over theatre projects to have premiered in the last year. Continue reading

Gozdowo meeting with Ę association, Iwona Kurz, Asia Zięba from Katedra Kultury and students from “α group”

Preliminary settlements concerning April workshops are:

  1. Students from IKP will subscribe to workshops filling up apart of the standard a form specially prepared questionnaire what will aloud to decide who is ready to take part in Gozdowo project and who just wants “tick” this workshops.
  2. Information about workshops (with photos and a little bit of advertisement) will be ready for this Monday (19.03), students will have time to subscribe until 30 of March.
  3. Preliminary program of Workshops:

Continue reading