the background of ANIMATOR

ANIMATOR project is born out of our previous project ANIMUS that included 9 partners from 5 European countries. The idea was to create a network of cooperation and exchange – both in education and in practice – in cultural animation. Together we made several projects in which we all learnt a lot – and we prepared some publications to show the results to others. They may be found at ANIMUS website.

My experience of cultural animation

Definitions have a habit of surfacing in the midst of rising concerns, curiosities and often conflicting interpretations. You then find yourself in situations trying to find a simple term, a sentence, a strap line to define to justify its purpose. I have to admit that Cultural Animation is a term I like – I emphasis like because it seems to capture elements of my values, my beliefs, but only because of my own interpretation. You, the reader, may be drawn or interested to enquire my values and beliefs, because you have a notion of what you might understand the term to be. Continue reading